Midwest Jack Russell Terrier Club

Welcome to Summer Celebration

The Midwest JRT Club's Summer Celebration Trials are Jack Russell Terrier Trials approved and sanctioned by the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.

A Canine Extravaganza

Summer Celebration is more than a JRTCA Sanctioned Trial.  Yes, at its core are the traditional Jack Russell Terrier events; Racing, Go-to-Ground and Conformation.  Summer Celebration is more, by opening the activities to all breeds, especially other earth dog breeds, Summer Celebration celebrates what our canine companions are, were and should be.  Hosting a plethora of alternate unsanctioned events (check our the Saturday and Sunday unsanctioned class listings), there is sure to be at least one event that will awaken the beast within.  Summer Celebration classifies canine competitors into three broad categories; Jack Russell Terriers, Colored Terriers (Earthdog) and Miscellaneous (all other breeds).  Check the sidebars for descriptions of each.  As a rule of thumb, any dog 15 inches and less tall, should be eligible to compete in an unsanctioned event. 

An International Trial

Held on the spacious and historic Sandwich Fairgrounds in Sandwich, Illinois, this tree shaded site has much to offer; RV accommodations, an on-site ATM, covered spaces to avoid the sun or inclement weather and more.   Summer Celebration draws competitors from all across the United States and when the Canadians arrive, well, we just have to consider it an international event. 

A JRTCA Sanctioned Trial

Sanctioned by The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.  Exhibitors and owners of Jack Russell Terriers entered in sanctioned classes must be current members of the JRTCA.  The JRTCA requires exhibitors entered in sanctioned classes to include a copy of their current JRTCA membership cards with their entry forms or present their current cards at the time trial packets are picked up at the registration table.  You may join the JRTCA on the day of the trial prior to your classes starting by completing a membership application and paying the applicable fee.  Trial entries must be received no later than August 12th to avoid Post-Entry or Day of Show fees. Trials are and will be held rain or shine.

Four strict rules you should be aware of and that we don't apologize for are a) absolutely no puppies less than three months actual age are permitted within the geographical boundary of the trial site, b) bitches in heat are similarly barred from the grounds, c) puppies (dogs less than one year old) may not be bought, sold, bartered or otherwise traded, on the grounds and d) Racing entries close on August 7th, without exception, the only change permitted is to scratch an entry.


Camping: The Sandwich Fairgrounds offers an unshaded RV park with 200 RV hook-ups, water and electric, in the northeast corner of the grounds.  Numerous locations on the grounds provide water and 20/30/50/60 amp electrical access.  A dump-station is available near to the RV park.  Rough camping spaces are unlimited. Cost is $75 for the trial weekend (Thursday evening through Monday morning) or $37.50 per night. By default and until your RV Camping Form is received, RV camping assignments will be to the RV Park.  Please pay for your RV space on your trial vault entry and let us know what your camping wishes are with the RV Camping form on this page.  Tent/Dry camping (no hookups), where permitted, is free. Showers and washrooms are available on the grounds.

Hotels: listed in order of distance from the grounds;

Entertainment & Dining

Friday Night Social:  Our Friday evening social, will begin at 7:00 p.m and will be attended by members from the JRTCA Board of Directors.  Come out to greet and meet them, bring your questions for an impromptu information session with Q&A.  Club member, Debbie Izzo, will be coordinating the social, themed "Hometown Favorites Potluck".  Please contribute a dish that identifies you with your home and makes a positive statement about it.  Use the link located upper left of this page to contact Debbie and let her know about your participation.  

Saturday Night Dinner:  County Girl Food Services will provide our dinner service Saturday evening.  Once you've completed your Leafy Green Lettuce Salad, step up to the buffet and fill your plate.  Selections offered will include; Garlic/Herb Chicken Breast, Polish Sausage, Veggie Kabob's, Sour Kraut, Meatless Baked Beans, Au Gratin Potatoes, Meatless Pasta Salad, fruit, pastry selection (gluten free available) and beverage (lemonade, iced tea, coffee, water).  The dinner charge is $15.00 a plate, please indicate the number of dinners desired on your Trial Vault entry.

Entertainment:  Our Rat Roulette Wheel will be available and conveniently located near an ATM during the evening hours to serve your gaming needs.  Saturday Evening, as dinner winds down, Gary LaVake will return with his finger-picking chordophone and collection of melodious tunes to help close out the day. 

Food Truck:  For your convenience, Country Girl Food Services, a local caterer, out of Leland, IL,  will have a food truck on site from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.  Pierogi (an East European filled dumpling) selections include; potato with two cheese; potato-cheese-spinach; potato-cheese-bacon; potato-cheese-egg-sausage; potato-cheese-egg-bacon; potato-cheese-ham; potato-cheese-jalapeno;  sauerkraut with Polish sausage; and apple or cherry dessert pierogi.  Typical American fare; hot dogs, burgers, chile, sandwiches, etc as well as breakfast selections are equally available.

Local Eateries:  Sandwich hosts a number of casual dining restaurants and fast food establishments, all are located within minutes of the trial grounds.

Golf Carts:  Players Golf Cars of Rockford, IL, is our recommended provider and they will enter into a personal agreement with you.  Use the link at the top of the page, to open a dialog with Players Golf Cars. Deadline to reserve a golf cart is July 18th 2016.